YAYA Mobile is a Performance Based Mobile Agency.
We offer CPA, CPC and CPM models – You just have to choose!
We offer fast and predictable results for your mobile media spent.
We optimize top advertisers’ mobile campaigns.

More App Downloads

More Downloads to Your AppDo you wish to boost your app’s prominence so that it gets downloaded and used by engaged audiences? Do you wish to build a large and loyal user base? Our mission is to help you monetize and grow your mobile app businesses. You pay only for installed apps to minimize your risk.

Global Reach

Global ReachWe span the entire mobile app eco-system, including exclusive mobile inventory, major ad networks and real-time bidding exchanges. We access more than 70 billion ad requests in 220 countries. Our inventory helps you to engage your customers all over the world.

Audience Targeting

Audience TargetingTarget your audience to the exact need of your business. YAYA Mobile provides advertisers with sophisticated targeting capabilities. We can target:
> Tablets   > Handsets   > Locations
> Gender  > Time of day  > Verticals
> Operators   > Wi –Fi / 3G

Real-Time Bidding

Real Time BiddingWe use DSP, which aggregates, bids in real-time and optimizes mobile inventory across ad exchanges and ad networks, enabling us to reach a specific audience at the desired impression level, in real-time.